Hairstyling is always fun. A woman can do so many things with her hair. She can cut, colour, curl, straighten, and can style it in many hair-dos. Hair is that element in life which can be transformed or controlled as per one’s own will. That’s the reason every woman loves their hair. It is only about caring for it a little, and you can play with its form any way a woman, please. Visiting one of the best hair salons for women in Northfleet is thus an exciting activity any woman wants to indulge in. The expert hair specialists in the hair salon offer umpteen options to have fun with your hair. Still, it sometimes feels excellent to go adventurous with your hairstyle. Opting for a bold hairstyle like pixie cut is not something everyone has the heart to indulge in. It is difficult to grow out this hair cut but chopping off your nose to achieve the cute, trendy, and girlie hairstyle surely has the power to transform your appearance entirely by offering a complete makeover to your persona. Here is an attempt to help you out with some proven ways to grow out the hair cut flawlessly.

Top Tips to Ensure Your Hair Grows Fast and in Style

Mark your expectation well

While going for the bold cut, you must always have an idea about what exactly you should expect out of it? There can be several awkward moments of short hair length, not letting you appear in public. You must nurture the spirit to overcome all those moments and outlive the transition happily

Shorter is sweeter

It would be great to keep the back short while you are growing the front. This will help in taming the hair better. The hairline should be quicker and cleaner around the neck. When the hair reaches that point, then all of them will grow out evenly together. This will offer a cute bob and not a mullet.


As you are growing out the pixie cut, then the hair accessories are the best choices to go with the flow. Go for headbands, bandanas, barrettes, hats, scarves, and other unique headgears. As the hair keeps on growing experiment, various styles with them at different lengths.

Try out healthy hair products.

As the hair is short, it is the best time to take care of its health.  If kept healthy when short, the hair will grow longer fast. It is also easier to apply different products in short hair.  The professionals at reputed hair salons for women in Northfleet can help you out in selecting the right products. You can even try out the styling products and can go for the spiked, braided or other unconventional looks as well.

Patience is the key

You need to be absolutely patient while going through a hair growing phase. When the goal is longer than shoulder length, then patience is the key, no doubt. Never feel discouraged even if it will take several months to grow out your hair to the desired length.

Try out these tips with the able guidance of a hair professional and grow out your bold and dramatic hair-do with ecstasy unlimited.