Do you feel something weird or troublesome under all your hair? Or, do you feel sores and bumps on your scalp? Well, the chances are high that you are suffering from scalp issues which are causing itching and irritation. Are you perplexed about how to keep your scalp in optimal condition? No worries! All you need to do is know the common scalp conditions and get effective treatment.

When shopping for shampoo, you’re likely to choose products depending on what they do to your hair. This way, you completely forget about what they do to your scalp. But, the skin on your scalp is as important as the skin on the rest of your body. This is essential, especially if you have scalp problems. While some scalp conditions are hereditary, these conditions occur even due to infection or malnutrition. And, the treatment depends on the condition your scalp is suffering from.

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Most Common Scalp Issues And How To Treat Them Effectively  

Alopecia – Hair Loss

  • Causes

You may be suffering from hair loss due to numerous factors like medications, genetics, inflammatory, hair fragility and hormonal abnormalities. No matter what the cause it, loss of hair is very stressful. And, if you notice bald spots or shedding/breaking, consider getting evaluated by a dermatologist.

  • Treatment

The doctor will advise you to get a thorough physical examination done. If any other medical problem is detected, it can be treated. Having a well-balanced diet filled with vitamins like B12, biotin and folate is useful when experiencing hair problems.

Psoriasis – Pink Plaques With Silvery Scale

  • Causes

Psoriasis is one of the most common scalp issues which affect almost 1-2% of the universal population. Any person can suffer from this condition regardless of his/her age. This condition is made up of pink plaques with a characteristic silvery scale. It is considered an autoimmune condition where cells in the top layer of the skin are in overdrive.

  • Treatment

Most doctors start with steroids. On the other hand, the tougher situations might need injections which help suppress that’s causing the flare-ups. Your dermatologist might also suggest trying a laser which works on individual spots that don’t respond to other therapies.

Folliculitis – Scattered Pus Bumps

  • Causes

Basically, folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle which is caused either by heavy conditioners, bacteria or irritation from shaving. It can also be caused by excessive sweating and effective hair dyes. It’s likely that it will appear as little pus bumps scattered throughout the scalp which looks similar to acne.

  • Treatment

A dermatologist who suspects folliculitis might perform a culture for checking bacteria. If a microbe is causing your scalp woes, an oral or topical antibiotic is your best treatment. But, if an infectious agent isn’t present, anti-inflammatory medications can be effective.

Whatever your scalp problem might be, there are dermatological solutions to cater to your problem. So what are you still here for? Visit the specialists and get the ideal treatment for your scalp condition!