The noble coronavirus (COVID-19) is steadily wreaking havoc across the world.   It’s your hygiene practice and social distancing approach which restricts the spread of the virus. Here is an attempt to explore the preventive measures to be followed in the beauty sphere. A nail or a hair salon is a place where one can have the maximum chance to get exposed to the deadly virus. So, it is essential to follow the proper hygienic practices as much as possible to keep yourself and your clients protected against the fatal infection while you are in a nail or a hair salon in Gravesend.

Top Consideration to Keep the Virus at Bay


Cleaning is the simplest yet the most vital physical process to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.  It is crucial to clean the instruments first before they are ready for disinfection or sterilisation. Cleaning removes the traces of inorganic or organic elements that can pose a barrier against the effectiveness of the disinfection and sterilisation process. Cleaning thus refers to sanitisation of all surfaces using antibacterial soaps, sprays, and wipes.  Washing the hands frequently with soap and water is the most effective way to clean one’s hand. It is wise to use an automated soap dispenser. After washing the hands, it should be further sanitised with some alcoholic hand rub. Everyone working in salons should indulge in the practice in between each activity undertaken, and they must also request the clients to clean their hands as they arrive in the salon. One must also sanitise the hands frequently in between works. Sanitisers must contain at least 60 per cent of ethyl alcohol to be sufficiently active. If the hands and arms remain exposed, then each time they are washed, it should be for 20 seconds at least. This is the standard handwashing protocol and is put on display in the toilets of the salon. The used towels should be washed in water at a temperature of minimum 60-degrees C.


The next necessary process is disinfection. It is meant for destroying pathogens and eliminating the microorganisms by resisting their spread. It is although not as effective as sterilisation but is a mandatory practice. It is always wise to use hospital-grade disinfectants. Several tools are used in salons, so it is essential to disinfect those tools and all the exposed surfaces in between services.


This is another effective way to kill the transmissible microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spore forms. The essential tools like scissors, tweezers, cuticle, pushers and nippers must be kept sterilised at all times. There are various processes involved in sterilisation, like using heat, high pressure, irradiation, chemical solutions, filtration. They can be used individually or in a combined form.

Apart from all these requisites, salon authorities must be extra cautious about using single-use or disposable tools. All the experts at work must always wear gloves and masks while conducting any activity. This will reduce the risk of contamination. There should be a steady supply of masks and gloves at all times.

These measures will undoubtedly involve additional cost, but under such troubling circumstances, it would be worth the investment. Even your client will appreciate your efforts to introduce practices to combat the transmission of lethal COVID-19 and make them feel safe as they visit your salon. Dawn Clair is your trusted hair salon in Gravesend to put safety first during the trying times. Help them to serve you better.