Among all the parts of the body that you can face issues with, the ones with the scalp are usually the most difficult to hide, and additionally, they can be quite tough to deal with. However, the key to the solution to anything is first knowing what they are. If you have started to experience scalp issues in Gravesend, it would be in your best interest to not waste a second before going to the professionals so that they can have a look at it. Although, it is better to be aware of the things yourself so that there don’t turn out to be any shocks for you when you do go to the professionals. With that in mind, discussed below are some of the commonest scalp issues and their solutions.

Here are Some Common Scalp Issues and Their Solutions

  • Psoriasis

This condition is contracted by around 1-2% of the population and practically any person can get it, and there is no discernible age at which this issue can appear. It is generally believed that it is an autoimmune condition wherein the cells on the epidermis, which the top layer of skin, go into overdrive. This causes pink rashes on the skin with a silvery scale. While this condition can occur at any part of the body, but when it appears on the scalp, it can be quite difficult to treat. The professionals would typically start with steroids, and go as far as using biologics injections to suppress the root cause of the rashes.

  • Folliculitis

How you would know when you have folliculitis is when you see inflammation of the hair follicles that can result either due to shaving, using conditioners, strong hair dyes and sweating too much, or by a bacterial infection. These appear as tiny bumps on the scalp and can bear a resemblance to acne, and can sometimes feel quite sore. When you go to the professionals with such a condition, they will first do a culture to find out the bacteria. If they find one, they will prescribe an antibiotic, either as a topical ointment or an oral medication. If there are no infections, a steroid cream can prove to be quite effective.

  • Alopecia

This is one of the most common scalp issues in Gravesend and anywhere else in the world, for that matter, and it is characterised by uncontrollable loss or hair. There can be quite a few causes that can lead to this condition, ranging from genetics, inflammation, medications, hormonal abnormalities and sometimes even something as simple as the fragility of the hair. If you think that you have been experiencing hair breakage at an alarming level, you should immediately go to a professional and have them suggest the best course of action.

These are the common scalp issues that one is likely to face. They are never something that anyone enjoys, and it is better not to leave things for too late. The professionals have the right kind of knowledge and experience to know exactly what to do to treat the condition in the best possible way.

Experiencing Scalp Issues?