New Customer Survey

Please help us to give our customers a great service by taking a few minutes to fill in our new customer survey.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our salon and services.

New Customer Survey

1. Did you get the appointment you wanted?

2. If you are a new client, were our prices explained to you on the phone?

3. Were you greeted by a member of our team?

4. Did our staff look well presented?

5. Was our salon clean and tidy?

6. Were you kept waiting unnecessarily?

7. Did we listen well to you?

8. Did we offer you fresh ideas and recommendation?

9. Did you enjoy our refreshment?

10. Did you enjoy the music?

11. Were you happy with our colour service?

12. Are you happy with your haircut and blow-dry?

13. Did we assist you with your home care products?

14. Did you feel welcome and comfortable in our salon?

15. Did you receive ‘value for money’ from us?

16. Were you offered an option to rebook?

17. Would you come back to Dawn Claire Hair salon?

18. Would you recommend us to your friends?

How did you book your appointment?

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