Labelled as the “Premier Choice for Quality Hair and Salon Treatments” by its loyal customers, Dawn Claire’s salon is one of the most reputed and famous Beauty Salons in Gravesend Kent. They offer a wide range of hair grooming services, like a haircut, hair extensions, colouring, spray tanning, and even treatment of lifted lashes. Dawn Claire’s salon consists of highly experienced and best in the industry hair stylists who render a completely customized and unique look to their clients. 

Claire’s High-End Hair & Beauty Products

1.)   Moroccan Oil: Moroccan oil used by Dawn Claire has a unique formula that is rich in antioxidant argan oil, which is instantly absorbed by hair to give enhanced manageability, shine, and long term conditioning without leaving any residue behind.

2.)   NanoSmooth: Their new NanoSmooth pure treatment product is magic for dry, frizzy and unruly hair. Its keratin infused smoothing or straightening treatment product that will protect your hair from damaging.

3.)   New CID Cosmetics: Introducing the New CID Cosmetics collection, Dawn Claire’s salon has created a range of professional quality products in varied flattering colours that allow you to take charge of your cosmetic identity by giving a natural look.

4.)   GHD Curling Tool: This unique new tool from GHD allows its users to create endless curls in just one simple stroke. 

5.)   Redken Frizz Dismiss Range: Redken Frizz Dismiss range by Dawn Claire is a gentle hair cleansing formula that helps in eliminating impurities while taming rebellious and unruly frizz into a sleek and polished finish.

6.)   GHD Styler: This limited edition breast cancer GHD styler is the most recent launched product of the salon, introduced to the world in October 2019.

Luxurious Hair & Salon Services by Dawn Claire:

Dawn Claire’s salon is one of the best salons in Gravesend Kent is also proved by the fact that they have been a member of the 365 hair training groups since their inception in the year 1992. Their price list varies based on the reputation, experience and demand of the stylists. Their specialized services are:

  • Cut Finish
  • Volume and Waves
  • Colouring
  • Cleanse & Finish
  • Highlights
  • Sleek & Smooth
  • Others like Hair Up, Extensions & Straightening, Curling, etc.

They are also a house of four unique services briefed below:

1.)   Vitamin B12 Shots: VITB12 Shot is the salon’s new well-being service provided by fully trained and insured technicians. These shots host vast benefits like increased energy, improved deeper and peaceful sleep, enhanced cognitive focus and also helps in coping with depression and anxiety.

2.)   Glamour Look: This service by Dawn Claire includes Length, Volume and Lift Lashes, Crazy Angel Tanning Sprays and Skin Base Microdermabrasion, to help you complete a total look.

3.)   Hair Loss & Scalp Issues: Mediceuticals has developed unique dermatological products for Dawn Claire that helps in keeping hair and the scalp in optimum condition

4.) Microblading: With the help of superfine nano-needle, Dawn Claire has developed a process called Microblading that creates new eyebrows or revives the existing ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to get a glamorous look like never before, then contact beauty salons in Gravesend Kent Dawn Claire’s Hair Salon and book an appointment.